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You don't get everything you want at the same time because life is not meant to be that way.

I've been with my present company for almost 10 months. I've traveled to a few countries and visited a few places I never thought I would.  Living a life in a suitcase means being away with my family, "special someone", friends and other relatives most of the time, but I am grateful for my job.

I wanted this. I wanted a job that will allow me to roam and wander.  I wanted a job that would make me see the world and appreciate every single piece of it.  Let me share with you some places I've been after my flight to Amsterdam (which I already shared in my previous blog entry):

Rome, Italy

I've flown to Rome twice in February.  I appreciate every single landmark they have, even the ruins were pleasing to the eyes.  I couldn't help but think of my Literature subjects back in high school and college. I loved their gelato which was not only tasty but very cheap as well. Pizza and pasta would only cost you around 10 euros!

My tip: Do not forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. It might be some kind of a myth but you wouldn't lose anything if you follow.

What I look forward on this destination: The Vatican! I haven't been in there because I didn't have much time.

Zurich, Switzerland

One of the wealthiest places not only in Europe but, worldwide -Zurich.  It's one of the expensive places I've been to.  The only thing I (together with the rest of the crews) did in the city (aside from sightseeing) was drink a cup of a heavenly hot chocolate at Spr√ľngli! I thought of Zurich as a serene place despite of numerous business in the city.

What I look forward to in this destination: Rent a bike in our hotel or visit Lucerne!

New York, United States of America

I was on "reserve" when I first set my foot in the concrete jungle.  Everything in Times Square was just so tempting but I was too good enough to resist temptation *winks*. Too many shops to look at with so little time, good thing that we stay in the heart of this city that never sleeps.

You have everything around - shops, restaurants and etc. Name it and the Big Apple has it.

What I look forward to in this destination: A lot! A visit to Liberty Island, a walk at Central Park, and of course SALE to name a few!


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Visiting Amsterdam

I was rostered to an Amsterdam flight last January.  It was a 24-hour-layover just like what we have in other destinations we fly to. Regardless of the limited time to see what the city could offer, I, together with two other crews were able to make the most out of the time we have in Amsterdam.

Let me share with you some of the places and random things/sites we've visited and seen:

1. Van Gogh Museum (Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands)

As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed. - Vincent Van Gogh
Born Vincent Willem van Gogh (a Dutch) was a Post-Impressionist painter of The Starry Night. The biggest collection of his artworks could be seen in the above mentioned museum.  I do not usually visit museums on my layovers but this one made me awed by the quantity of artworks, too bad, visitors were not allowed to take photos inside. Entrance fee would be 15 Euros.  Residents and children up to 17 years of age could get in for free. Should you wish to bring home some memorabilia, there's a souvenir shop inside selling postcards of Van Gogh artworks, notebooks, pens, shirts and etc.

2. Bikes

According to the latest estimate posted in Iamsterdam website, there were more bikes than permanent residents. Cycling was very popular in Amsterdam. There were a lot of bike rentals around the city and this form of transportation could help you go around the city if you chose not to walk. 

3. I Amsterdam Letters (at the back of Rijksmuseum on Musemplein)

It would never be easy to have your solo shot (without anyone) in this area, unless you really patiently wait until everyone leaves.  The letters could also be seen in Schipol Airport which would be a better option if you want to get your solo photo with the letters.  Why Iamsterdam? The city's website say that it started as a "marketing campaign for the area and its business and promotional organisations". Time went on and the phrase became really catchy and went on to everyone's minds.

4.Canal and Canal Houses

Canal houses at night were even more beautiful at night.The lights on the houses made it more pleasing to the eyes.

5. Anne Frank Museum  (Address: Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Museum of Anne Frank was one of the most visited sites in Amsterdam. A long queue would always be frequent in this museum.  To our surprise, there were fewer people than we expected. We paid 9 euros for the entrance fee. Again, no picture taking allowed inside.

Honestly, I haven't read The Diary of Anne Frank, but I've seen the book many times back in my home country.  I had goosebumps when I visited her house - imagine, it used to be their hiding place during the WWII in attempt of escaping the Nazis. 

6. Red Light District

Photos not allowed in the area.  This was located in the middle of the urban area wherein you could see ladies in their nearly naked attire standing behind the glasses, attracting and inviting visitors especially men to come inside the business.   You could also see "for adults only" shops in this area.

Hope my this blog entry could somehow give you an idea of the places to visit and see during a trip to Amsterdam -checkout the Rijksmuseum or the Heineken Experience (just mention a couple of sites).

And oh, by the way, do not miss trying pancakes in the city.  Prepare your stomach for their  Pannekoeken (enormous pancake just like the photo on the left).  This was such a mouth-watering Dutch treat! :)



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A Touch of Summer in Africa

Flying to one of our newest destinations located somewhere in the African continent would mean work and pleasure combined. Once a colony of France, the island of Mauritius (situated in the east of Madagascar) was one of the places known for honeymooners and those wanting R&R. 

Staying in a Beachfront Accommodation (just a few minutes away from the airport) allowed me to get a share of an awesome view of the island.

That time was my first taste of the beach for 2014. That was the first time I've ever gone in a beach with just me and with the people I only met in the briefing. Some said I was lucky enough to get Mauritius on my roster and yes, I would agree because I needed time to just relax (the view of the beach was relaxing enough without you getting a massage or anything that could pamper yourself). I just came back from Bangkok before the flight and my body was still adjusting maybe to the 3 hours time difference. At one point, I still felt something was missing that time I set foot on the beach (okay, sometimes I get really cheesy). Probably I just got used to enjoying the beach with friends or with my family. 

I didn't join other crews who wanted a boat trip to Catamaran Island.  For everyone's knowledge, this Catamaran Boat trip includes food and drinks while listening to Mauritian music and enjoying the view of the sea. It was one of the well-grabbed activities in Mauritius.  As for me, I just stayed in the resort, had a walk with two other Asian crews, eat and did kayaking - you know this is quite similar to an in-fight PA "Seat back, relax and enjoy your flight" hahaha. 

In my opinion, my layover in  Mauritius was like staying in Boracay Station 1. We all know that area in Boracay was more quiet and calm compared to Station 2. This could probably like staying in an isolated hotel in the White Sands - talking about Shangri-La here.  The food prices was quite expensive as well but the serving was generous enough. 

Before the layover ends, I made sure I bought something that would remind me of my first layover in the African continent.

I bought a Dodo display! Mauritius was the only home for the flightless birds (too bad, they were now extinct) therefore getting a display like the one shown above would be a good souvenir for me when visiting Mauritius.


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