Why Move in the Sandpit?

It's been more than one year since I moved to the middle east. In case people may (still) wonder why I decided to leave my steady job back home and choose the job I have now, I have one simple answer - TRAVEL.

Back in the Philippines, I used to have an 8-5 job, meeting different kinds of people, interviewing them and evaluating if they perfectly fit the job description given by our clients. It was fun and exciting (yet challenging) to be a recruiter but I felt like something was missing. For so many years, I felt the urge to travel not just within the Philippines but to the whole wide world of course. Who wouldn't want to travel though?

I always believe that there would always be a pursuit of learning when you travel.  Going to a foreign place was more than just earning one stamp at a time (but this do not apply to us since not all countries stamp our passports when at work). We learn other nationalities' way of life when we go abroad. We keep on discovering and experiencing new things over and over.

I never thought I could go to other places aside from the ones I wrote on my "bucketlist" and my current job gave me those free tickets to wander around the globe.


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Hello 2015!

Hello 2015! Hello everyone! Yes, I am writing again. Hopefully, keeping my blog as active as I used to before would be a new year's resolution for me 😊.

 A Simple Thanks 

Before anything else and as a yearly tradition for me, I would like to look back and make a review of how the recently-concluded year went for me.

As I would always say, every new year was good. So how do I really measure the goodness of each year? My answer would be as simple as this - by thanking God for everything I have had in my hands. No matter how big or small each blessing would be, we should never take it for granted. Goodness always come our way whenever we say a little word of "Thank you Lord".

I didn't have all ups, as a normal human being, I did and would encounter challenges every now and then but I knew it would never be impossible to bounce back. 

 Independent Life

Living an independent life away from my loved ones was never easy but at the same time, it was exciting as well. Thank goodness for our technology as communication made things easier not just for me but for everyone else as well. 

I  owe a lot of things to God and I owe the work I have now from Him. I could definitely say that without the work I have now, I could never travel as much as  I could. Traveling to everywhere you wished to be was never easy and it would require a lot of hardwork to pay for everything you need. I must admit, I complain about the destinations I get once in a while but thinking about it again, I should still consider myself lucky enough for having roster with destinations on it as it would mean "hey, I have work you know". 

 Seeing the World

I started 2014 with a (really) good roster. My January roster was a composition of new destinations for me back then - Munich, Bangkok, Mauritius, Amsterdam, Paris and Melbourne/Auckland. My February roster was even a lot better - Seoul, Rome, Zurich, Sydney/Auckland and two turnarounds to Jeddah. Additionally, I finally got the visa to operate US and Canada flights. Seeing the world one at a time was one of the greatest blessings I received from God. 

My body clock was a mess sometimes due to travelling to different timezones but that was one fact I already embraced when I accepted this job. 

Having been in this job for more than a year, I realized that the perks of living in a suitcase was really one thing I wanted ever since. Time goes by so fast with this kind of job - You wake up for a flight, report to work, put yourself in the aircraft and work for the duration of the flight, arrive to the destination, go out and sleep and the same things go on your way back to base. Things may look like a routine but each flight tells a different story as you always have new faces to see, new stories to hear and etc. The destinations may be the same for some months but I would never complain going  back again and again to New York several times in a year. 

Travel is never ending pursuit of learning - that's what I realized when I started going to places I've never been before and never thought I would. 

  Hello New Year

For the second time, I welcomed the new year with my friends. I didn't feel bad that I was not home. Simple messages from everyone special and dear would be enough to make my new year celebration. Sadness was just transient and the more you try to be one was just your choice. We all have the mind to decide what kind of year we would like to have. On top of everything, let's always make God present in whatever choices we make. 

Happy New Year people! Cheers


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