I never really talk about my relationship in any social media (facebook, etc.). I rarely post something about love life and all other similar stuff on my blog after stepping out of the university. I probably graduated on it as well after I finished my degree.*winks* But since it's Valentine's Day, I want to share my thoughts on being on a long distance relationship AKA LDR.

I've known people who have been and are currently on a long distance relationship - some are going strong while some already parted ways. My parents are in a long distance relationship for more than 30 years now (because papa works abroad even before they got married) and it's so cute to see how many letters they have exchanged with in so many years. I am a fan of receiving letters and cards (whatever the occasion is).  I find it thoughtful and sweet that someone thinks about what words to put in that little paper. 

Let's get into the purpose of this blog entry. So what I really think about LDR? Here are my thoughts:

1. It's just the same with a non-long distance relationship except that you spend less time with your "special someone" physically.

2. IT DEPENDS. It depends on the two people involved.  Just like any kind of relationship, there should be two people working and not just one. Relationships can never be one way, otherwise, better to part ways. 

3. TRUST is an essential part in any kind of relationship - especially on LDR since you don't get to spend more time together all the time or as often as you wish.

4. COMMUNICATION is vital.  One simple message may mean a lot to your boyfriend or girlfriend, unless,he or she is being so demanding about receiving messages 24 hours a day when your work does not allow you to do so. It doesn't matter what kind of messaging application you have. It does not necessarily mean "Skype-ing" either. What matters is that you keep in touch (in any form) as frequent as you can.

I am no love guru when it comes to this. I may have put on thoughts that you may or may not agree.  I just spoke from experience, observation and understanding.

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!


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  1. Fred Reyes, on March 1, 2015 at 10:13 PM said:

    Hi May i know what airline company you are working for? :)

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